Created by: Carl A. Muller

Released: 2016

Description: 11 years after the release of the first online tractor pulling game on a long drive from Omaha to Salt Lake City the idea of a tractor pulling board game came to mind a basic sketch of the idea was created somewhere in Wyoming at a hotel, it was further developed in Salt Lake and Jackson Wyoming. during this road trip the basic idea of the game was roughed out and after returning to Omaha as simple mockup of the game was created. My 4 kids wife and I all added to the idea and play tested the game until the demo was worn out.

We then pursued getting published and after several months of developing graphics the game was published and again play tested before being released in late 2017 just in time for the Holidays. This game has been very popular among tractor pullers and fans since its release.

The game can be purchased from