All of the Fun of Turbo Smoke without the cost!

The worlds most powerful motorsport now comes to your portable device! Tractor Pulling has been around for decades and now it is available on mobile devices! Turbo Smoke!

Purchase a Vehicle

First, A tractor can be purchased from the shop, this is where the journey begins. If you decide to buy a rust bucket or a fine machine that is already tuned to its max. This will be the platform on which the rest of your game is based. From there you can upgrade and tune to beat the competition

Build your Vehicle

Ask most tractor pullers and they will tell you that the fun starts in the garage. Sure you can buy a fine machine who someone else put sweat and tears into but the fun is turning the wrenches and making your machine just what you want.

Bore out your engine add a stroker crank, upgrade your turbo, intake, or chassis to compete at a higher level.Tune your tire pressure, adjust your weight and find the perfect setup for each track.

Paint your tractor to just what you want! Want to paint your tractor Red Cool, do it, Want to paint it green, good for you. Purple Pink Purple with pink fenders a green chassis whatever you want.


Why build it if you won’t run it. Compete with folks from all around the world to earn your bragging rights. Using Facebook login you can see the best scores from around the world to earn in game money to be able to upgrade your vehicle more!


This game is made by pullers for pulling fans and pullers. Our programmers and development team consists of real tractor pullers to get the details as close to real as possible. We hope you enjoy the game!