Dozer Dash is a fast paced block breaking game for the whole family. Your Goal break the most boxes you can before you run out of fuel. Navigate the world of Boxes, Power ups and Obstacles using your real two stick bulldozer control.

Hold on their partner, before you grab the sticks and go full throttle running into everything out there, you will need to adjust your blade color, the blade will only break boxes of the same color. Need to change your blade? roll back to home base and change away.

Want to go for an epic joyride grab a rainbow blade and crush away! The rainbow blade will allow you to break any color box as you drive.

Don’t forget to grab fuel along the way! Run out of fuel, and run out of game! Find fuel, keep the game going!

This game was thought of on the seat of a dozer and designed for all ages!


The controls for this game are based on real bulldozer controls.

If you push the right control stick forward, the right track on the dozer will drive forward, pull it back it will drive backwards. Same goes for the left stick.

To drive forward: Push both sticks forward.

To turn right: push the left stick forward

to turn left: push the right stick forward.

To drive forward and turn push both sticks forward slightly, push the opposite stick further forward to the way you want to turn.

To back up: do the reverse of the things above

Change your blade color: Come to home base and tap the colored box you want to change to.

You can only break blocks that are the same color as your blade.

the Rainbow box will rapidly change blade colors between all colors. This will break any color box but is a bit slower than a solid color.

Watch your fuel gauge when you run out of fuel its game over. Grab some fuel boxes to increase your fuel!

Have fun everybody!