Year Released: 2010

Designer: Carl A. Muller

Description:¬†After 5 years of development a milestone was created in the games when prize money and upgrades were added to the “Pullzone” game. The game was rebranded as Turbo Smoke 2010 and the domain name was created to be a home for the game. This game revived the interest in Online Tractor pulling games.

This game was created at the pinnacle of flash game development. Mobile games were starting to take over but the flash game market was still lively TurboSmoke picked up a huge fan following during this time period. Unfortunately the software that this game was developed with was discontinued and development stopped on this game and would stay without any further development until 2016 when development on the first Mobile App was started. During this time period several other brands developed their own mobile games for tractor pulling that experienced great success.