In 2005 Carl Muller had an idea. He wanted to play a tractor pulling computer game. but it did not exist. The idea for Turbo Smoke Games was born in his head at that point. At the time he was pulling antique and garden tractors. Mostly in the central Maryland region with the rest of his family but branched out to the midwest some. He set out to make a very simple game which then had him hooked on programming for years to come.  Several games were developed over the next few years that were played by many around the world. When the first iPhone came out the potential for the an online tractor pulling game was realized though life was too busy to create one right away.

When he was 4 years old he competed in and won his first ever Pedal tractor pull and was “hooked” for life! Wether on the seat of his dads 1952 Formal Super M or under the hood of his Wheel horse C-160 or Cub Cadet 582 he always was thinking about how to make a tractor pulling game.

In October of 2016 productions as started on Turbo Smoke and Turbo Smoke Lite with the idea that they would be the most advanced best Tractor Pulling game in the world! Released in August 2017 the game reached a very wide audience! Production continues to this day and future improvements are moving forward!

In an attempt to test some new features of Turbos Smoke “Attack of the Red Things” was developed in 2017. This game has attracted its own audience!