Garden Tractors

After Several Years of Antique Tractor Pulling the Muller Boys (Kevin & Carl)

Decided to try their hand with something a little smaller. That is when the Mullers

Got into Garden Tractor Pulling. Kevin started out with an emerald green & Silver

Simplicity It had a 16 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine on it. It was a great first tractor

It did have its problems and it soon became a B-110 Allis Called Baby Allis. When

we finally realized that the problem was 2 things Allis Chalmers Rears and Briggs

and Stratton Engines. Kevin Moved on to build a Cub Cadet 108. When the stock class

got to slow for Kevin he decided to build a National Quarter Scale Stock Altered.

He decided that the Cub Cadet 108 frame had to be the one to build it out of.

He found sheet metal off of a Case 222. He decided that he should build a Case

He gave it a name that was in respect to his CB Radio Handle. Screamin' Eagle.

After running that tractor for a year he found a 582 Cub Cadet at a bargain

He built it as a National Quarter Scale Stock Altered. It became Ratical Red. 



Carl Started out with A wheel horse B-85 with an 8hp Kohler. After about 3 

wheel horses he ended up with a Wheel horse B?C? 80?85?120? not sure what

it was it was a great beast formed of several wheel horses and a 12hp Tecumseh 

Engine. You may remember this tractor as the one that started up the track smoking

and then developed a knock by the end of the track. This was all thanks to the 
Beveled Bearing plate that Came stock on a Tecumseh engine. This tractor was 

tough even through the smoke and the noise. But The next year Carl Put a 16 hp 

Kohler Engine into a new wheel horse a C-160. After a few frustrating attempts 

at making a Variable speed pulley work with a Horse. Carl Decided to Follow in

his brothers Footsteps and Bought a 582 Cub Cadet. The Engine from the Wheel

Horse was put into the new 582 and a set of polished aluminum rims was put on

it & it was called Ol' Red. Despite the Lack of Paint this tractor has been together 

for several years and still runs great. It is currently undergoing a Paint Job.



Allen  was a Garden Tractor puller back in the 70s, and after seeing

his boys pulling the Garden Tractors  He decided he would join his Sons

in the Garden Tractor world again. Allen Got a 582 Cub Cadet and Put in a 16hp

Kohler Engine. The tractor sports a set of 26 12x12 bar tires and runs the

Altered Stock Class.



Also In the Mullers Team there is Samantha Muller who has been Running a

tractor since she could barely push the clutch. She now runs a Cub Cadet

100. She ran a tractor called Guess Work? in 2006 and for 2007 you can

check out her new ride Scarlet Fever



The most recent addition and the Only Non-Muller on our team is Ben Adams.
Ben has a Wheel Horse 417-8 with a 16 hp Kohler. This tractor was built in a

week off of spare parts. This tractor will keep up with and some of times

Beat the Rest of our Stock Tractors. Not bad for a Rookie.



Check out the links below to see pictures of our Garden Tractors



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Ol' Red

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Grizzly Chaser

417 Wheel Horse



Tractors of the Past

Baby Allis

Guess Work?


Future Pages (check back later for these Pages)


Emerald Green & Silver Simplicity

Cub Cadet 108

Screamin' Eagle

Wheel Horse C-160